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Low Battery Notification

// Issue a notification when battery level is under 20%

triggered = false;
while(true) {
  // wait for the battery level changed intent
  // the second parameter makes the function ignores the first event which arrives immediately
  result = waitForIntent("android.intent.action.BATTERY_CHANGED", true);

  // this checks the level parameter form the battery intent, but there are more e.g.: temperature
  if (result["level"] < 20) {
    // Notify the user that battery is low - status bar
    if (triggered == false) {
        notify("Battery low", true);
        triggered = true;

  // reset the flag if battery gets charged again
  if (triggered) {
    if (result["level"] > 19) {
        triggered = false;

  // wait for a while if intents are coming too fast



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