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App Reactor brings to Android what Grease Monkey brought to Firefox. It is basically a simple scripting engine for Android
With App Reactor you can makes your Apps talk together and work together as it supports Intents and Content Providers.

You can also write simple Apps without the need of using the Android SDK. 

When you are non-technical you can use scripts which others have created. There will be a library of useful scripts published on this site. A script can be downloaded to App reactor by scanning a QR code.  

For a quick start with App Reactor, please see the Example section. To check on App Reactor capabilities see the Reference


  1. Is there any way to create a script that moves mp3 files from a device's internal storage to the SD card after it's downloaded from a music downloading app? I'd like to keep my music organized in one or two folders on my sdcard.
    Thanks for creating this wonderful app!

  2. is the language based on javascript? how to get current hour and minutes? any doc about about the language?