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Sample: Address from Facebook

here = location(false, 2);
result = httpGet(""~here["lat"]~","~here["lon"]~"&sensor=true");


place = find("formatted_address. : (.*)", result[1]);

post("Currently I'm at "  ~ place[0], "facebook");
post("Currently I'm at " ~  place[0], "twitter");


  1. ERROR: Cannot run script locfb, NullPointerException null
    DEBUG: PARAM timeout = 2
    DEBUG: PARAM fine = false
    DEBUG: FUNCTION location()
    INFO: Starting DEBUG service
    INFO: Start in foreground

  2. And if you don't bother with Step 3, or if you forget, you get the blame for hurting someone's eyes. This hardly seems fair--Facebook could easily add a facility to strip out your link just as automatically as they add a preview of the linked Web sitefacebook


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